The Annunciation of Our Lord (March 25)

Dear Lord, today we celebrate Your presence with Mary. The angel Gabriel's news of her role in Your plan for salvation was unexpected. Yet she responded with the faith that only You can impart and allowed her life to be arranged according to Your will. Empower us with that same faith to overcome any fear and trust Your promise of a future more glorious than we can imagine. In Jesus' name. Amen.



Sunday Bible Studies on Christian Education

Pr. Mars will be offering a series of Bible studies on Christian Education in the Sunday adult Bible class starting Sunday, March 19th - April 2nd. The classes will help the congregation gain a deeper understanding of the vital role education plays in the life of Christians and the Christian Church.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to join the conversation as we seek God's will in this important matter.

"Into God's Marvelous Light" Midweek Lenten Services

This year's midweek Lenten services focus on the New Testament epistle of 1st Peter – 2:9: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”. 

Join us for worship Wednesday’s at 12:15pm Noonday Divine Service or 6:30pm Evening Prayer Service preceded with Soup Supper at 5:30pm.
March 1st, The Passion of Our Lord: Part I – The Lord’s Supper; 1 Peter 1:1-25
March 8th, The Passion of Our Lord: Part II – Gethsemane; 1 Peter 2:1-25
March 15th, The Passion of Our Lord: Part III - The Palace of the High Priest; 
I Peter 3:1-22
March 22nd, The Passion of Our Lord: Part IV – The Praetorium; I Peter 4:1-19
March 29th, The Passion of Our Lord: Part V – Calvary; 1 Peter 5:1-14 


The March issue of The Lutheran Witness seeks to understand the religiously unaffiliated (the “Nones”) and how they think.


  • None Excluded — Roy S. Askins
  • Reversing the Trend — Joshua Hayes
  • Government — Peter Burfeind
  • On Witchcraft — Jon Furgeson


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • From the CTCR: Gospel Reductionism
  • Lutheran Education: A Sacrifice for Our Children
  • For the Love of Words: Spoken Words
  • Set Apart to Serve: Who’s Influencing Our Children?
  • Searching Scriptures: Encouragement in Christ presents a Lutheran perspective on mental illness and health.


Pre-School Governance Board Meeting

March's  Meeting included Opening Prayer and Devotion from Pastor Mars, Treasurer's Report and Unfinished and New Business. 

Their next meeting will be held April 2nd.

Donuts and Coffee  

Volunteer sign-up sheet is next to the kitchen for anyone who would like to help with this service. The more families we have in rotation, the fewer turns you'll have! It's a fairly simple process which just takes a little extra time on Sunday mornings. Brenda and Leroy Ellis, Ed and Bev Wise, Dale and Kathy Frank, Chris and Paige Bacon and Andy and Amber Schroeder are some folks who can tell you how it works. Thank you in advance for your kind help with this service to us all.



Become a Supporting Congregation of Luther Classical College

Why now? Conservative Lutherans have been asking for a classical Lutheran college for decades. And though classical colleges have popped up all around the country and have been very successful, not one has been Lutheran.

As American culture continues to slide, we need a college that purposefully emphasizes and instills Christian culture throughout its curriculum.

Given the political climate in our country, we need a college that does not depend on federal funds and which is still affordable for our youth.

Why congregations? Luther Classical College exists to educate young men and women for congregational life, so that they graduate eager to support their local congregations and raise their families in the church.

We believe direct congregational support and involvement will help keep the college Lutheran and focused on its goal, which is to strengthen our congregations with committed Lutheran families.

Visit for more information.

At Christ the King there are many ways you can joyfully serve, grow in grace, and make new friends in Christ! 
Opportunities for Ushers, Choir, Altar Guild 
and Welcome Committee are all available.