A special, and very important, congregational family meeting will be held following worship on Sunday, June 5.  A remodel of our chancel and altar area is being considered, and after a lot of meetings and consideration of many features, the Church Council has approved a final plan for the congregation to consider.  Please plan to be a part of that meeting at which the voter’s will make a decision on the matter.

May Lutheran Witness: The Gifts of the Ascended Christ

The May issue of The Lutheran Witness discusses Christ's Ascension: its theological import, its celebration and its meaning for Christians.

Paul teaches us to view Christ's ascension not just as a moment for praise of our exalted heavenly King - like a grand coronation ceremony - but also as a thankful celebration of the gifts He has brought us through His victory. But how are we to receive those gifts if Jesus has "departed" from us?

Christ did not ascend to heaven to be away from us, but rather to "fill 
all things", to be present to every point of the universe at once. And 
"He gave the apostles and the prophets and the evangelists and pastors and teachers" men through whom He would be with His church always, even to the close of the age.

Schedule for Calling a New Pastor

 Thursday, May 12th we held our Pre-call meeting with District President, Rev. John Hill.  
Sunday, May 15th  is the final day to submit member names for a new pastor. 

All members of our congregation are urged to attend future sessions in preparation for our calling of a new pastor. 
Also, we encourage all our members to include in our prayers the call process, asking that God will work in all of it and bring us the man He has chosen for us as pastor.

At Christ the King there are many ways you can joyfully serve, grow in grace, and make new friends in Christ! 
Opportunities for Ushers, Choir, Altar Guild 
and Welcome Committee are all available.