The September issue of The Lutheran Witness digs in to the relationship between archaeology and apologetics, discussing the Christian task of defending the faith and the vast mine of data that archaeology provides for enriching our understanding of God’s Word.


  • Jesus and Apologetics: A fresh look at an old conversation Paul L. Maier
  • The Word of the Lord Endures Forever: The New Testament manuscript tradition — Sarah Reinsel
  • The Art of Archaeology: The nitty-gritty details of an archaeological dig — Mark Meehl
  • The Limits of Archaeology: What it can’t tell us — David Adams


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • Lutheran Education: The Teacher’s Gifts
  • Set Apart to Serve: Appreciating Our Church Workers
  • From the CTCR: The Concept of Fellowship
  • Searching Scripture: All Is Rubbish Compared to Christ


Offering and Signing of the Friendship Register

Members and visitors, each Sunday please take a moment to 
sign the Record of Fellowship register found in each pew with these simple steps: 

1. Print your name (first and last) and complete the form. Adults complete for small children if necessary.
2. Pass the pad on, and when it reaches the end of the pew, pass it back: noting the names of others.
3. After worship, greet your fellow worshipers by name, and introduce yourself if they are not familiar with you.   

Pre-School Governing Board October Meeting

Next meeting is Monday, October 16th at 3pm.

The meetings include Opening Prayer and Devotion from Pastor Mars, Treasurer's Report, Director's Report and Headmaster's Report, Unfinished and New Business and Closing Prayer. 




Donuts and Coffee  

Volunteer sign-up sheet is next to the kitchen for anyone who would like to help with this service. The more families we have in rotation, the fewer turns you'll have! It's a fairly simple process which just takes a little extra time on Sunday mornings. Brenda and Leroy Ellis, Ed and Bev Wise, Dale and Kathy Frank, Chris and Paige Bacon and Andy and Amber Schroeder are some folks who can tell you how it works. Thank you in advance for your kind help with this service to us all.



Become a Supporting Congregation of Luther Classical College

Why now? Conservative Lutherans have been asking for a classical Lutheran college for decades. And though classical colleges have popped up all around the country and have been very successful, not one has been Lutheran.

As American culture continues to slide, we need a college that purposefully emphasizes and instills Christian culture throughout its curriculum.

Given the political climate in our country, we need a college that does not depend on federal funds and which is still affordable for our youth.

Why congregations? Luther Classical College exists to educate young men and women for congregational life, so that they graduate eager to support their local congregations and raise their families in the church.

We believe direct congregational support and involvement will help keep the college Lutheran and focused on its goal, which is to strengthen our congregations with committed Lutheran families.

Visit for more information.

At Christ the King there are many ways you can joyfully serve, grow in grace, and make new friends in Christ! 
Opportunities for Ushers, Choir, Altar Guild 
and Welcome Committee are all available.