My Devotions June - August

My Devotions now includes:

Fun, engaging activities
Up-to-date format & look
Full Bible text for every devotion
Prayer and journal ideas

Every child wants to have his or her own things - something to hold and cherish. With My Devotions, elementary -aged children can have just that: personal daily devotions, activities, and prayers delivered quarterly. See how My Devotions gives kids their own quiet time with God, nurturing their personal faith and relationship with their Savior.

Whether a child reads or is read to, parents and children are encouraged to work through the bulletin inserts together and answer questions as they arise. Parents will probably learn something, too.

Although some of the vocabulary and concepts may be best understood by children 10 years of age and older, there are many parts of “Kids in the Divine Service” which can be understood, experienced and appreciated by younger children.

The June - August issue is available in the narthex and fellowship hall.



Start teaching the faith at home, even to the youngest children with this first stepping stone to young children's faith development. This colorfully illustrated book is a wonderful tool to guide little ones in the faith. 


The next stepping stone after My First Catechism, adds colorful icons and illustrations that help early elementary students understand each tenet of the faith. Older elementary students can read and study the concepts from the catechism in language that they understand, without compromising true doctrine.